I’m doing the A to Z challenge: After all

After all, the Rules of our modern society are meant to follow, bend, or break.

At times I get tired of the Rules, but I see why they are necessary.  I sometimes imagine that there were no rules, and that we all did whatever we wanted, at anytime, and any place.  We’d be up close and personal with an array of people in the most unanticipated of circumstances.  Everyone would assume the speech pattern of a chronic arguer.

Apparently, we would talk more but listen less, and pay even less attention to details– significance aside. Failing to notice what we’d have in common and grow bonds from our commonality, we’d all drift away from each other, eventually finding nothing to hold us together except for a basic desire to survive. Personal space would cease to exist. Pleasantries would be ignored in favor of catering to the attention span of the youngest person around. Any semblance of order, gone. Trust, broken. Self-reliance, strengthened. Agency obtained.

All told, these Rules are all I’ve ever known. Maybe it’s time to try something new.

I’m starting a daily blog series this month for the A to Z blogging challenge. It involves focusing each post around a letter of the alphabet. I  am starting the day after April 1st, I’ll make two posts the first day. Each post after that will begin with the next consecutive letter of the alphabet. I’ll take a break on Sundays and continue until I hit Z! Are you doing this challenge too? Let me know in the comment you know you want to leave. Best efforts!


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