A to Z Challenge: Because, that’s why

“Because, that’s why,” is my answer to the question being asked of me all the day.

Because more doge. Obvi.

Because more doge. Obvi.
Photo courtesy http://makeameme.org/meme/because-more-doge

Believe it or not, you never told me why you’re really interested to know. This is partially why I continue to provide the most unsatisfactory of answers. Is it because you’re interested or is it to judge? To gather fodder for shaping into a grenade that you can one day lob over the fence and cause a devastation known only by those who have unwittingly made themselves vulnerable? So very vulnerable that it is without distinction from the wide-eyed innocence of a child who didn’t know any better than to think that everyone was ultimately acting for good and looking out only for the child’s best interest.

Barely a couple of months have gone by and again the question is asked. I am hesitant to respond because I know that it will not stick this time either, and a few months down the line we will come back around to this.

“But are you interested in dating? Why don’t you ever go out? You should go out if you want to meet people.”

“I do go out, but in groups. I don’t really do solo dates.”

“Why not?”

“Because.” That’s why. I can tell by the look on his face that my answer must sound ridiculous, but I say nothing further.

And the countdown clock starts again.

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