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Bike Day: Ready to ride.

Ready to ride?

Over the last few days I’ve done at least two cool things I never anticipated doing at this time last week. Gotta love how that happens. The first thing is that I got to take part in a web series I enjoy called Video Game High School, shot at the new YouTube Space in LA. The general area is still under construction but the finished facilities look amazing. I can see why YouTube partners would want to hang out there and create.

The second thing is I completed my first long bike ride of the year.  The opportunity to ride locally came up and I thought to myself ‘Eh, why not?’ After a brief bike inspection, after a small tug of war with a spider– me: 1, spider: 0 — I grew confident my tires were sound and my chain looked good since I’d stowed it properly from my last ride.

I pedaled off from Harbor City and with a small group rode about 30 miles around the South Bay to PV and back. We saw amazing views of the ocean and got to experience commuting to the beach in a very sensory way. Not sure if you can get a biker’s high like you would a runner’s high, but riding downhill made me wish I had a camera to mount on my helmet or bike to capture that sensation.

That I wasn’t sore at all the next day was very encouraging. I may have to do that again soon.


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