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Desktop wallpaper for October 2010

Roads Go Ever On

Click the image to download it in various sizes or view others.

Roads Go Ever On is my featured wallpaper for the month of October from interfacelift.com. I chose it because I wanted to take a break from the typical Halloween type visuals and choose something to focus on for a few minutes to relax. This one did the trick. Looking at far away distances helps me feel like I’m not working too long without taking a computer break, regardless of whether I am still staring at a computer screen. It’s effective for the most part.


Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: October 2009 Autumn Leaves

Now Fall really is here. I've updated my desktop wallpaper to this one, called "Autumn Leaves". No macro-photo this time, because this image stood out more than any others.

The best thing about this season is the warmth and comfort I feel when I'm settled in for the night. My DIY urges pick up during this season and I feel the happiest when I start to feel the creative ideas pile up in my head.

What I Love About Fall

New things to cook or bake
New crafts to try to make
Places that are new to see
Faces that are new to me

Early rising to conquer the day
Watching sunlight fade to gray
Dinners of plenty made to share
Ample laughter to warm the air

Warm coats to button all the way down
Looking cool to hit the town
I can never do it all
This is what I love about Fall

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Desktop Wallpaper Calendars For September 2009 | Graphics | Smashing Magazine

Hang in There is the name of my chosen September desktop wallpaper.

When I first saw this out of the submissions, I immediately knew it was going straight to my desktop. It has several things I like. Macro-photography, of course. It also has simplicity, use of wood texture, calming earth tones, and I really relate to the title.

This summer, I have been organizing my life in such a way that I can relax at some point and actually enjoy the results of what I've worked to accomplish. I have been sectioning the year into seasons, but not the traditional weather-related ones.

Let's see, this year I've experienced the self-development season: read a bunch of books, find gainful employment/plan out education opportunities.
The spring-cleaning season: reduce clutter and other stuff I really don't need to keep.
The personal-finance season: assess my financial situation and execute a plan to improve it.
The digital documentation season: February Album Writing Month (FAWM.org), National Novel Writing Month (NanoWriMo.com), blogging, year-end reflection season, etc.

These seasons may overlap at any time and each one is something that I look forward to because… it's full of unused time. Time that will hopefully show that my actions have been counting toward something. So now, whenever I look at my desktop this month I am comforted with this little reminder to stay focused, keep on working hard to make good and productive decisions and just hang in there. 

What are your personal seasons?

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Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: April 2009 | Graphics | Smashing Magazine

As always the inspiration hits me whenever I look at a beautiful updated desktop which is why I love calendar wallpaper. There are lots of designs to comb through and select for April. I went with this one because it touches on the seasonal duality that I experience when relating to people in other parts of the world who experience a traditional winter.

A friend: The snow's starting to melt.
Me: It's snowy in April?

I may switch up mid-month because there are so many great ones posted.

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Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: February 2009 | Graphics | Smashing Magazine

This is my current desktop pic for February.

I'm so glad that Smashing Mag decided to continue the wallpaper sharing love.  I'm addicted to checking out the latest entries so I can update my desktop. I should really start making my own. I am definitely inspired but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

I also came across this site which has a boatload of user submitted goodness:

Maybe this particular wallpaper was inspired by that site. In any case the entries this month were very good and I had a hard time choosing between this one and a couple others.

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