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My New Jam: Creative Live – This Week is All About Podcasting!

Power your podcast with Storytelling course.

View this course and others at https://www.creativelive.com.

Last week I learned about Creative Live and today I took my first course, called Podcasting 101.

It was an amazing course taught by John Lee Dumas and several other knowledgeable podcasters who’ve figured out how to make a living from their passion.

You know how swimmers turn their head sideways when they get water in their ears? My head is sideways now because of all the knowledge! I learned a ton.  :headphones:

You can too! Check out course offerings and start learning live, free. Access to the course and other materials once the live stream is over is available for a fee. Get those burning questions answered live and chat with your classmates in addition to learning great information about the topics you care about.

I look forward to taking Power Your Podcast with Storytelling from Alex Blumberg (NPR’s Planet Money, This American Life) Thursday and Friday.

A special shout-out goes to We Are LA Tech Podcast host, Espree Devora, for flying to San Francisco to attend in person!

LA Locals: I think I’m sure she’ll be happy to give you a great download of this experience if you RSVP to the next LA Podcasters Meetup on Tues., Oct. 21, at Bodega Wine Bar, in Santa Monica.

Have you taken (or taught) any courses on Creative Live? Which ones?

Memories and scone-making

This weekend has been a pleasant one. I was able create some new memories with my family at my local themepark and consume more homemade scones than anyone probably should in a day. The chocolate I picked up from the LA Chocolate Salon a couple of weeks ago is now a distant memory.

Speaking of memories, in college I really wanted to study robotics but I ended up on a different academic path and subsequently a career path quite different from that.  I’m excited to note that today I’ll be starting my first AI course. There are 145,000 students enrolled in this course and I’ve added over 150 classmates on Google+. If you’re taking that course too and wish to connect for class discussions, add me on Google+, drop me a line saying we’re classmates and I’ll put you in my AI class circle.

I hope things don’t get too crazy in November due to that and NaNoWriMo. I took last year off, but I am planning to dive in headfirst to write a novel with no plot planned out beforehand. Historically this has been no problem but it has never coincided with a class that suggests I brush up on my linear algebra(?!) and programming ability(?!). I’ve taken both of those subjects in my past student life but that was a long time ago. I’ve since filled my head with many other things, some of them even practical in everyday life.

Next month I’m realistically predicting that my Goodreads Challenge progress will come to a dead halt. I still have my goal to read 36 books by the end of 2011. I am behind in terms of evenly-paced reading, but with a few books in my queue ready to crack open I should be caught up by the end of the month and ahead of pace by November.

To connect for NaNoWriMo, sign in at the site and add my author profile to your buddy list. Happy writing, reading, studying, or whatever you have planned for Fall!

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