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New Year, new blog focus

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 Ready to Tackle 2016 with Courage?

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I’ve previously mentioned that I don’t make resolutions, but that I do set yearly goals. I set what I believe to be a few feasible, yet ambitious goals with a year timeline, and then plan to work toward them. Being an optimistic realist I find myself uncertain of how things will turn out in terms of achievement by the year’s end.

Inevitably, life happens. Priorities change to shift the timelines of these goals to “someday” after which point I proceed with the best of intentions, until I finally decide to reset those intentions to align with my actions. Ultimately, I’ve become more aware of the fact that someday is reserved for things that you may want to do, but has the distinction of  being not important enough for you to plan for or schedule now.

A failure to fully plan, is a full plan to fail.

What do you know? It’s a new year, and so, a perfect time to hit that reset (and follow/ subscribe) button!

What is Success?

I believe that success is measured in hindsight as an assessment of a series of goals that you’ve worked to achieve. Being an accomplished person means that you’ve gained the courage, discipline, and focus needed to consistently achieve your goals.

Ultimately, I’d like to spend more time in ways that will allow me to attain success and to help others do the same. It’s important to apply previously built momentum from prior successes to future goals and to acknowledge that it’s something rarely achieved alone. I need my courageous crew. Is that you?

What’s one goal that you want to achieve in 2016 and for which you could use some encouragement? Share it in a comment.

Last Post of the Year

I know many of you are already done welcoming in the new year. Here in LA it’s still mere minutes away. I want to take the time to make my last post of 2011, but not the last post of this blog if all goes well in 2012. What does go well mean? Better than this year.

Some things I’ve accomplished include:

Winning February Album Writing Month. I’ve got at least one song revised to the point where it’s “finished” and only needs to be rehearsed and recorded.

Becoming an Imagineer. I’ve talked about attaining this goal since I was in college. I never imagined it happening so soon and the way it did, but I am happy and thankful that one worked out.

Completing the official entire Nautica Malibu Triathlon and within my goal time. Thanks to lots of team, friend, and family support!

Completing my first half marathon within my goal time. I still don’t think of myself as a runner. It’s just something I do a couple times a week now.

Winning National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrimo). 🙂

Almost finishing the Goodreads Challenge with 28.75 out of 36 30 books read. It’s way more than I would have read had I not been counting so I consider it a win. And now I cannot wait for The Hunger Games movie to come out in March! The trilogy was fantastic.

Finally finishing a crochet project I’d started over 5 years ago.

Better than 2011 is going to be a challenge to beat but I’ve got an inkling that life will find a new way to manage to surprise me– in a good way. I also know better than to set any expectations beyond any hope of attainment (again), at least when it comes to estimating how much spare time I’ll have to read. Anything else is fair game for a learning experience.

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