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LA Marathon: People watching on St. Patty’s Day

LA Marathon 20km hydration station

Hydration station. Oranges are a refreshing source of energy especially after running 20km.

Throughout all four layers of clothing I donned this morning to take to the streets of Hollywood I wore nothing green. Sleep-deprived and still rising at 4:30AM made me care as much as a honey badger about reducing the possibility of getting pinched for not wearing the customary color on St. Patrick’s Day.

After a hot breakfast I made my way to the LA Marathon route’s  20 km/ mile 12 marker to greet my team of friendly fellow volunteers and set to up a hydration station. Due to the recent time change it was still dark when I arrived. I wasn’t too thrilled about having to walk an unknown distance from ‘fend for yourself’ parking back to the station. Hollywood has limited non-metered/ unrestricted street parking for non-Hollywood residents. I found a spot only a couple blocks over and appreciated that I got to experience watching the sun come up over Sunset Blvd.

It was beautiful. The picture I managed to take with my old phone camera was not. Ugh. Soon afterward the battery died. Ugh, again. At least I got a photo of the table of freshly-cut oranges and a perfect opportunity to people watch.

It’s not easy to articulate the impact of watching thousands of people make their way to the Pacific Ocean from Dodger Stadium. What I can say is that my senses were full. The sight of people in all kinds of outfits. The sounds of cheering and feet pounding the pavement, with the occasional shout of “Thanks for volunteering,” from a passing runner. The smell of the oranges at the table next to me. The small moment of connection when handing a partially-filled cup of water to an outstretched hand belonging to a parched runner and the feeling when he or she makes eye contact or nods to convey gratitude but just as quickly refocuses on the long journey ahead. I had an energy and inspiration recharge. That said, I still have no desire to run an entire marathon but I would be there in a heartbeat next year to cheer on my friends who do.


Off on other adventures

Bike Day: Ready to ride.

Ready to ride?

Over the last few days I’ve done at least two cool things I never anticipated doing at this time last week. Gotta love how that happens. The first thing is that I got to take part in a web series I enjoy called Video Game High School, shot at the new YouTube Space in LA. The general area is still under construction but the finished facilities look amazing. I can see why YouTube partners would want to hang out there and create.

The second thing is I completed my first long bike ride of the year.  The opportunity to ride locally came up and I thought to myself ‘Eh, why not?’ After a brief bike inspection, after a small tug of war with a spider– me: 1, spider: 0 — I grew confident my tires were sound and my chain looked good since I’d stowed it properly from my last ride.

I pedaled off from Harbor City and with a small group rode about 30 miles around the South Bay to PV and back. We saw amazing views of the ocean and got to experience commuting to the beach in a very sensory way. Not sure if you can get a biker’s high like you would a runner’s high, but riding downhill made me wish I had a camera to mount on my helmet or bike to capture that sensation.

That I wasn’t sore at all the next day was very encouraging. I may have to do that again soon.

Is it really March already?

The bottom line is that I didn’t sign up for the Malibu Triathlon last week, but it’s okay because I know there will be other races in my future.

February really is a short month! March snuck up on me quite like a ninja even through I was fully expecting it. In the last month I’ve recharged and reconnected with a few friends and explored some online territories. I joined  Quora and also made Foursquare my geolocation app of choice since BriteKite went away last year. Other services and apps on their way out are Stickam and Posterous.

This week I am ready to dive in to learning more about a couple more social media tools that I’ve not yet explored. Or at least I will as soon as I can find a username I like that’s not already taken. [/geek problems]

Let’s do this: First rock ‘n’ roll half marathon

Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon Expo

Pasadena Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon (13.1 mi) registration and expo. Check.

Rock 'n' Roll swag

Expo participant haul. Oh, yeah.

Beauty rest… fat chance.

I am looking forward to the race tomorrow. I am not looking forward to getting up at zero dark thirty to get there by the recommended 5:45AM arrival time. If I want my eight hours of shut-eye, I have to go to sleep by 7:30PM. Not likely to happen tonight– or before any race day. If I did a race every month it might be different. This will be my first race in five months and my first half marathon in over a year, so the ‘waking up hourly in a panic that I’ve overslept’ thing is still alive and well. I will try not to trip and get trampled on — a real possibility since

1) I’m not going to sleep well tonight.

2) There are more than 10,000 other runners in this race (including the mini-marathon distance – 3.5 miles).

3) I’ve never run this particular race course.

4) There are bands playing. Seven of them (hooray)! I’m sure they won’t be distracting us from watching the road at all.

Fortunately, I think it’s a flat course. Live near the Rose Bowl or Caltech? Come cheer on the runners in this race benefitting Cure Mito! Are you one of the 10,000+ people signed up? Best of luck and don’t trample me see you at the finish line!

Make your own chibi, my racing future + mini-review: Boy Proof

Valentine's Day Chibi

Make your own chibi with this Chibi Maker!

Have you ever bought tickets or signed up months in advance for an event and right before it occurs something happens which prevents you from attending? That must have happened to me at some point in my formative years because since then I’ve been paranoid about that happening.

I’ve gotten a lot better at dealing with that over the last couple of years. What has helped immensely has been maintaining a racing calendar. I’ve signed up for and completed so many events with no issues so far!*

Sadly I’ve come to the very end of my scheduled races for 2013 and I’m now at a crossroads. A week from now I will run my 3rd half marathon, and beyond that I haven’t decided what I’ll do next. I have been debating whether to take a hiatus from triathlons this year and only do foot races or take a break from all racing with a plan to continue at some point — not necessarily this year. I do hope to stay motivated to continue after next week, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

*Let’s try to forget about the IT band issue that plagued my run during Tinker Bell half marathon last year, shall we?

Mini-review: Boy Proof

Boy Proof
Boy Proof by Cecil Castellucci
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Boy Proof had potential to be a great coming of age story about ‘invisible’ 16-year-old Victoria “Egg” Jurgen.

A few things I liked about it were the utilization of the setting (Los Angeles), the realistic portrayal of a teenaged sci-fi geek obsessed with a fandom, and the way the author showed how she channeled the feelings of exclusion by her peers into her artistic extra-curricular endeavors– from discussing sci-fi movies secrets to learning about the movie makeup and masking trade from her dad. I’d have given it four stars but I just didn’t care for the ending.

The story had been set up to give the reader an emotion-packed punch in the gut but ended with a pat on the head and a shove out the back door. I would have preferred a different outcome and this ending seemed tacked on.

Boy Proof is not a bad read but the ending doesn’t quite deliver the punch it promises.

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This weekend’s awesomeness

This week's awesomeness

On February 1 in the 11 o’clock pm hour I happened to read this page!

I had what I like to call a NeverEnding Story moment. What is that you ask? It’s when you become aware that an element of the story you’re experiencing is happening at the exact day & time as the present.

This is not the first time that this has happened. My previous moment was when I happened to watch the movie “Singing in the Rain” on March 24.

Have you ever had a NeverEnding Story moment?

Oh, the things that inspire

I’ve been watching these and Vi Hart’s other videos on YouTube and I am pretty amazed at the amount of information packed into <5 minutes of doodles in a notebook. I like the way she instantly grabs your attention by tuning out of her ‘math lesson’ like most people would — to ponder and explore, and then blow your mind with meta math ideas inspired by her doodles.

This got me thinking of things that got me thinking of what I’d like to do more of this year.  In 2011 I did a series on rediscovered obsessions which was a lot of fun so I’ll try that again. But first I need a good topic and your input! If you have any suggestions for specific topics I can create a series from let me know in a comment in the next week. They will work best if the topics inspire me to use photos or video in my responses.

Some examples are:  Favorite things to do in your hometown?

What or who else on YouTube inspires you and why?

What DIY projects will the average Joe/Jane will be able to do in 10 years that they can’t easily do now?

Hope you enjoyed my new hot cocoa mix photos I shared last week. They were delicious.

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