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rediscovered obsessions (part 2/5): tumblr

Years ago, along with many other vowel-lacking dot com personal-documentary social websites requiring a free registration to use, this social blogger dutifully signed up for tumblr. But that’s about all I did with it. Well… I did sign in a few times a year to see if I remembered my password. Even bothered to change it and my tumblr theme a couple of times. Each visit reinforced the positive feeling of finding something new. Something fresh. And more often than not, something humorous. Over the last year or so I found myself signing in more often and noticed a lot of others had been doing the same. Enter the noticeable downtime.

Sometimes days passed before I could log in again. It got to the point where people habitually complained on other sites that tumblr was down, yet again. Perhaps the up-time was always spotty but I’d just never signed in often enough to notice. Aside from not being able to use it reliably there was the option of not having to use it actively at all, except to help others express themselves. Let me explain.

There’s this fun feature on tumblr you can use called re-blog. If you enjoyed a post you could re-blog it and go on your merry way. Eventually your tumblog becomes full of things you’ve liked, but didn’t create yourself, which is fine. Some users, aggregating found content in this way, have gotten very popular on tumblr. I can’t think of many other sites where original posts aren’t required to attract readers (or followers). That’s tumblr for you.

Some tumblogs consist almost entirely of original content, and for others the opposite is true. Most are a mix of both. Mine is a mix of both, but I’m going to play with that ratio over time to skew more original than re-blogged.

Like WP, the dashboard shows recent posts of other tumblrs I follow. The best part is that there I can enjoy gems around the web that I wouldn’t normally find on my own. A few I’ve been following for a long time are:

Clearly, I admire photo journals as I’m particularly bad about taking and then sharing my own photos. That’s something I’d like to change.

If you’re on tumblr what’s your favorite tumblog to follow? I could always use some good tumblrecs.

This is part 2 of a 5 part series. Check back soon for another fascinating obsession.

rediscovered obsessions (part 1/5): reading

This is part 1 of a 5 part series. Without further ado, here is one of my newly rediscovered obsessions.

This week I signed up for the Goodreads 2011 reading challenge. I haven’t done a reading challenge since elementary school. My goal is to read 36 books this year. That may seem like a lot or just a few depending on who’s reading this, but three books a month is very doable for me. I finished my first book tonight so 1 down, 35 more to go.

I’ve discovered the joys of my local library once again. And I don’t even have to physically go there. With my local public library card I can reserve or download books I want to read (via Adobe e-book reading software) or listen to (via Overdrive Media Console) and not worry about rushing to return books before the library closes, or deal with late fees. And a bonus: no paper cuts.

There are a few downsides. I had to download new software to listen to the audio books and to read the e-books on my computer, and my computer’s not the fastest thing in the world. Also, because of Digital Rights Management (DRM) issues, the books I download will expire at some point. I had some trouble getting the audio book software to work on my computer at first due to a DRM security incompatibility with my player. To resolve that, I ran a five-second web search and found a good solution to my apparently common error message. One that didn’t involve me potentially messing up any system files. Finally, the available title selection is more limited than, say, amazon.com. But hey, it’s a free library resource.

If you have a library card and want to try this service, just check your local county’s public library website. Los Angelenos, here’s the direct link to the audiobook and e-book library search.

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