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Social Media Week LA Livestream + My Top Picks

Turns out there’s a livestream of Tuesday’s SMCLA noon panel. If you missed it live, you can watch it now… or later. For those attending Social Media Week LA either in person or online via livestream, here are my top event picks for the rest of the week.

Wednesday 9/24

  1. Working from Home: Trisha Hershberger Shows you How to Shoot
    PST: 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm
    Trisha Hershberger, Host on SourceFed (Streamy Award Winner Series of the Year 2013), will present on video producing via Nokia Lumia and Microsoft.
  2. Working from Home: Jason Okuma Shows You How to Run your Business
    PST: 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm
    Jason Okuma, Founder and CEO of JATI, Inc. and VP of Business Development at PMBC Group, will teach you how he runs his business and blogs on the go using his Lumia.

Thursday 9/25

  1. Growing Up Social: A Conversation with Hello Giggles
    PST: 10:30 am – 11:30 am
  2. TZ Tech Crawl SMWLA Edition
    Where: Lobby – The Broad Stage
    PST: 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
    This is your chance to tour of some of the hottest LA Tech companies located in Santa Monica. Why not stop by for a beverage, snack, game, drop off a resume, to see the office space or just kick back?
    6:00 pm SMWLA HQ at The Broad Stage
    6:30 pm Famous Birthdays
    7:00 pm Pursecase
    7:30 pm Pivotal Labs
    8:00 pm Agent Ace

Friday 9/26

  1. Travel in the Age of Social
    PST: 11:00 am – 12 noon
    Join top tech travelers Ann Tran, Ted Nguyen and Sam Sabri to discuss the best way to capture your trips’ memories as they happen and share them with your audience. We’ll also share tech tips and techniques for maximizing your fun while abroad and ways to protect your memories should you experience a tech catastrophe or theft.
  2. Working from Home: Monica Olivas Teaches you how to Blog on the Run
    PST: 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm
    Monica will discuss how her Nokia Lumia enables her to blog and produce content while on the go. She’ll focus on OneNote, OneDrive, Instagram and Fitbit.

Google personalizes the Doodle for your birthday + more

Birthday Google Doodle

Birthday Goodle!

I’ll give you three guesses for how I discovered this feature. 🙂

Please join me in a few hours for a Social Media Club LA live G+ hangout. This will be live from 11:30a – 12 noon, PT. This is your chance to ask @thechrislam anything.

I’ll also share some fun new G+ hangout pointers you might not know about.


Update: G+ Hangout has been postponed to next week June 4, same time. Follow SMCLA on G+ for the latest update.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Social Media Edition


Strawberry-basil soda from Lyfe Kitchen.

I’m kicking off my long holiday weekend reflecting on the recent updates by several of my SoMe networks, namely FB, G+ and Flickr, which isn’t a social network for me so much as a repository for photos to import into my blog posts.

For a few weeks many of my timeline updates had disappeared to where I couldn’t view any posts or comments after April 21 on my computer. I tried both FF & Chrome browsers. However, I could see everything fine on my new Android smartphone’s FB app. I sent a couple of FB support requests but received no response. The only way for me to respond to timeline comments on my computer was to search through my notifications which made for a poor user experience. Good news is as of yesterday my timeline is back to normal. I still don’t know what broke it.

I am now seeing benefits of the recent Google+ update. It’s a lot easier now for me to keep up with my circles. There’s still the issue of the more prolific plussers dominating the posts in any given circle. Because I care about their content enough to not want to delete them from my circles, my alternative is to put posters into a “high-frequency” circle and let them battle it out for my attention whenever I choose to click over to that circle.

I’ve had issues trying to add people to my circles with the old layout. From my experience I get one chance to add people once I read the notification that they’ve added me. Once I view an aggregated notification that several people have added me it’s very tricky to go back to the notification to view recent adders beyond the first 2 or 3 people. Perhaps that will change with the recent update. Until then the name of the game is to interact with me on the posts you can see. The more you do that the more I see your stunning personality to best place you appropriately in my circles.

And finally…

This is a helpful piece for learning what has changed on the new Flickr redesign: PRESTO CHANGE-O!

Have you adjusted to recent changes on your preferred social media services?

Is it really March already?

The bottom line is that I didn’t sign up for the Malibu Triathlon last week, but it’s okay because I know there will be other races in my future.

February really is a short month! March snuck up on me quite like a ninja even through I was fully expecting it. In the last month I’ve recharged and reconnected with a few friends and explored some online territories. I joined  Quora and also made Foursquare my geolocation app of choice since BriteKite went away last year. Other services and apps on their way out are Stickam and Posterous.

This week I am ready to dive in to learning more about a couple more social media tools that I’ve not yet explored. Or at least I will as soon as I can find a username I like that’s not already taken. [/geek problems]

Top 22 SXSW 2010 Interactive panels to see

On Monday, Sept. 7, the panel picker closed for the 2010 SXSW interactive conference.

I participated in the daunting task of reviewing each category and topic and ultimately 'thumbs up'ed

5 advanced panels
63 Intermediate
52 beginner sessions

This adds up to more panels than one could possibly see in a week (120!) so it got pointless to continue voting after going through that many.

In no order of preference, from the beginner category my top 11 panels are:

1. How to Get your Song in a Movie Douglas Stewart

Getting a record deal is something that pretty much belongs to another era. But, the chance to get your song in an indie film is a more palpable reality. It serves as a good launching pad for a band's assault on all media.

2. Your content is You, Your Website is Dead Kris Krug

The stories you comment on, favorite, tag, and share say more about you that your .com. Join photographer and internet future thinker Kris Krüg as he discusses how the destination is becoming less important than the artifacts you leave along the way.

3. Fresh Ideas for Blogging: It's Not All Been Done Linsey Knerl

What do you do when you've said all there is to say on your blogging topic? This panel looks at ways to refresh evergreen blog topics, bring on new talent, and exhange content in a SEO and community-friendly manner to keep your blog fresh!

4. Beyond Tokenism: How Social Media Can Fix Stuff Deanna Zandt

It's clear that even in 2009, we don't live in a post-racial, post-sexist, post-homophobic, post-anything-like-that society. But the potential for social media to cross-pollinate across cultures and start dissolving barriers is undeniable and huge. We'll present strategies and projects for systemic social change.

5. How to Get FREE Everything from Social Media Ryan Bauer

There are free cars (www.fiestamovement.com) free food (www.tastecasting.com) free apartments, free travel, free event tickets and so much more available through using social media (including http://www.bzzagent.com). Discussion will focus on specific items panelists have procured and a step by step guide with examples. A web copy will be available for review.

6. Becoming a Business Ninja: Mastering What Actually Matters Josh Kaufman

Discover the 10% of business concepts that create over 90% of the real-world value. Train your brain and build your business with Josh Kaufman, creator and editor of the Personal MBA.

7. Color Trends- Palettes to Pick for 2010 Paige Dzenis

Is there really ‘a new black’? It’s easy to follow fashion and design trends—but what do we know about how colours come into trend and influence us? From polish to Pantone, this panel discusses how and why companies and cool hunters pick the next big colours of the season.

8. Black Blogging Rockstars Maurice Cherry

Past SXSW panels have shown that Black bloggers and bloggers of color are becoming more prominent and well-known as the years progress. From "Blogging While Black" to being "Digital Urbanites", being a Black blogger is definitely not limited to any monolithic stereotype. Learn from some of the pioneers and thought-leaders in the Black blogosphere on our past, present, and future.

9. Results Only work Environment (ROWE): Why It Works Nikki Haffey

Imagine a work environment where people do whatever they want whenever they want as long as the work gets done. At midnight or 3am or on Sunday. Whenever and wherever. It's called a Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE), and companies around the world are starting to adopt the ROWE philosophy.

10. Casting Crib Cutesploitation – using Your Kids as Content John Styn

What every parent should consider before uploading their offspring. They are adorable little miracles that should be shared with the world. And who isn’t delighted by the youtube’d laughter of a child? (Or a drugged up kid after dentist.) But when does a bathtime video cross the line into “need for future therapy?” Or worse yet, a felony sex offense? Parents will address the costs/benefits of their decision process and the personal/public lines they’ve drawn in the sandbox.

11. Social Security: Protecting Your Privacy in Social Media Damien Basile

With a generation getting used to sharing every single detail of their life in social media, where do you draw the line? What is appropriate or can put you in danger? How do you decide what to limit?

In no order of preference, from the intermediate category my top 11 panels are:

12. Not Just the Host: Web Video Divas Dish! Amanda Congdon

So you've got a pretty face… now what? A panel of four well-established female videobloggers talk shop. What does it take to survive in the blogosphere when most of the other content creators around you are men? Network horror stories, new media triumphs and everything in-between will be discussed.

13. Make $100,000 in One Day with New Media Lan Bui

Find out exactly how our team brought in $147,000 using new media. From conception through execution, we want to share it all with you.

14. Universities in the "Free" Era Glenn Platt
MIT, Yale, Stanford, and others put lectures online. Chris Anderson argues all university lectures should be free. From Academic Earth to TED, it's free. So what is the value-add of a university education? What models of higher education will survive? How will universities leverage the social web to reinvent themselves?

15.  We All Know Karate: Asian Identity in the Online Age Lia Bulaong

Asians are well-represented in technology and media, but mostly only behind the scenes. Panelists will discuss the pluses and minuses of life as a very public Asian face online, and how the internet at large deals with Asian identity.

16.  Writing Web Content For A Living Tiffani Jones

By now we all know that "content is king," yet there's still a dearth of knowledge about the mechanics and business of web writing. We'll talk about how to write great copy, why web content is special, and how to make money doing it–whether you're an independent, agency, or in-house type.

17. Future Pioneers: Innovators in Digital Lara Lebeiko

We'd call it career pathing, but Malcolm Gladwell would call them Outliers. Why are these folks conveniently right around 30, and what did they do to get there as a leader in the field of digital and social media? Join in as upcoming leaders in the digital world converse about their careers, their ideas, and what the web holds as generation 2.0 takes over.

18. How To Give Good Blog Crissy Herron

Are you giving good blog? If you are promoting your product or service online, your blog can be a deciding factor in your success or failure. Learn how to make the most of your blog, attract readers, give your readers what they want, and keep them coming back for more.

19. Social Media Women of Color Shireen Mitchell

The social media space has been bursting at the seems with women bloggers, twitters, vloggers, and podcasters. However, until recently the question about where are the women of color social media experts went unnoticed until recent online polls sparked a few social media debates. The audience will explore if social networks/social media are really extensions of existing real world networks or does it break the diversity barriers.

20. Shameless Self Promotion Without Looking Like an @#$%^&! Twanna Hines

Too often, individuals and businesses take advantage of someone else's turf and excuse it as "shameless self promotion." It's not acceptable and it can lead to you being labeled a spammer or worse. In this panel, we'll tell you how to promote yourself without turning others off.

21. Why Community Blogging Is Better Than Going Solo Lynn Truong

Take the next step in your problogging career by transforming your fairly successful solo blog into a niche dominating multi-author blog. Learn about hiring and managing bloggers, compensation, legal, marketing and other issues from experienced multi-author blog editors and managers.

22. Beyond Posters: Social Media & The Arts Leah Jones

A marketer and a writer collaborated for two years to keep her novel selling. Now the marketer owns her own company, Natiiv Arts & Media, and the writer is a sought after online content creator. Learn from Leah Jones and Amy Guth's unique collaborative relationship about Arts Marketing and New Media.

The advanced topics were a bit NGI (Not of General Interest) so I spared you.  If you're really interested to know which 5 advanced panels I picked just leave a comment and I'll list them.

Are you planning to attend SxSW 2010 and if so, for which track(s) (music, film, and/or interactive)?

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