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Tuned in at Digital Hollywood – The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries team

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries team screens and talks about the show. Left to right: The moderator and panelists: Jay Bushman, Margaret Dunlap, and Ashley Clements.

On May 1 the Lizzie Bennet Diaries team of Jay BushmanMargaret Dunlap, and Ashley Clements spoke on the panel Screening Series: TV and Web Series – Musicals and Millennials at LA’s Digital Hollywood Content Summit.

After a screening of episode 78 – The Pemberley Digital Arc, they explained the transmedia production process used to highlight character subtext with sites such as Instagram and Twitter. Next they described the impact of the huge positive response to the series, even showing off a few pieces of fan art.

Ashley Clements, who played the title character, noted the amazing success of the LBD DVD project on Kickstarter which launched at the end of March shortly after the show ended. With more than a 700% reach beyond the original goal amount of $60K, she described the sentiment behind that effort as a strong show of support and also some fans’ way of ensuring that her cat would continue to be well fed.

The trio also addressed a few behind the scenes questions about the show and a pressing question about pressure from fans eager to see William Darcy.

Q: Why such a long wait for Darcy to make a physical appearance in the show?

A: The quality of storytelling comes first. “We listen to the audience but ultimately we control the outcome of the show,” said transmedia producer and writer Jay Bushman. Co-executive producer and writer Margaret Dunlap said, “Darcy didn’t appear until episode 60.” “We saw his torso in episode 59,” said Ashley Clements. Margaret Dunlap agreed and added “We knew [the audience] would forgive us for not giving them Darcy sooner but not for not telling a good story to get there.”

While Ashley is prepping for her next closeup, next up for the producers: Welcome to Sandition… make that Welcome to Sanditon, coming very soon!

Off on other adventures

Bike Day: Ready to ride.

Ready to ride?

Over the last few days I’ve done at least two cool things I never anticipated doing at this time last week. Gotta love how that happens. The first thing is that I got to take part in a web series I enjoy called Video Game High School, shot at the new YouTube Space in LA. The general area is still under construction but the finished facilities look amazing. I can see why YouTube partners would want to hang out there and create.

The second thing is I completed my first long bike ride of the year.  The opportunity to ride locally came up and I thought to myself ‘Eh, why not?’ After a brief bike inspection, after a small tug of war with a spider– me: 1, spider: 0 — I grew confident my tires were sound and my chain looked good since I’d stowed it properly from my last ride.

I pedaled off from Harbor City and with a small group rode about 30 miles around the South Bay to PV and back. We saw amazing views of the ocean and got to experience commuting to the beach in a very sensory way. Not sure if you can get a biker’s high like you would a runner’s high, but riding downhill made me wish I had a camera to mount on my helmet or bike to capture that sensation.

That I wasn’t sore at all the next day was very encouraging. I may have to do that again soon.

rediscovered obsessions (part 3/5): web series

web series
Oh the seconds, minutes, and weeks spent watching these. In order and all the way through in some cases. I don’t know what it is about encountering an entertaining video and then experiencing that moment where the video has finished and up comes the menu that triumphantly announces “Ta-da! But wait there’s more…” Then you see that there are more videos just like that one… lots more. Yep, nothing quite like stumbling upon an unknown web series. Hi, my name is Madeline, and I am a web geek. Read on for my top five American web series.

The Show with Ze Frank

From the farewell episode of the show

Hey there, sports racers...

I found his other videos a little while before he started his weekday daily series The Show and thought he was pretty entertaining. I subscribed to his video podcast at just the right time of year where I caught the beginning of The Show. For the next year I had one extra thing to look forward to each day. This is also how I discovered Jonathan Coulton, geek troubadour extraordinaire and writer of the “Code Monkey” song. He was a guest musician on The Show.

My favorite day of the show was Fridays. Not for any particular content but because it was RTFEDD (A.k.a. Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Day). Just try to say that without smiling. You can probably do that if you’ve never seen the show, but for those who have you probably felt some warm fuzzies just then, didn’t you?

Mahalo Daily

Mahalo Daily screenshot of Veronica Belmont image courtesy thepodcaststudio.com

Hi, I'm Veronica Belmont...

I first saw Mahalo Daily online with Veronica Belmont as the host. I watched it sporadically, but became more of a regular watcher when they had auditions for the next host after she decided to move on from the show. I had a friend auditioning so I watched initially to support her. She didn’t get picked but the show kept my attention with Leah D’Emilio as the host and I subscribed to the daily podcast. What I liked most were her funny “We did it!” dances (eg. see the how to roast pumpkin seeds video) and the show’s localization of topics, featuring accessible places to go and things to do around LA.

The Guild

Click to watch the first episode of The Guild

Click to watch the first episode of The Guild

I am not a big gamer, so I’d only heard of Felicia Day after she was in Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. After I finished that web series I looked up some other stuff she was in and found The Guild. I believe it’s being continued into its 4th season now, but I stopped watching it after the 2nd season hiatus… which never seemed to end. I should check this one out again for the newer episodes. I highly recommend it, even if you’re not a gamer. It’s not completely about gaming but about the dedication and passion of a team to reach a common goal. It’s also an ode to the joys and pains of geekdom and this one happens to involve multi-user gaming.

Happy Slip

Click for youtube channel. Website screen shot for Happy Slip videos

Christine, don't forget to wear your happy slip!

Like the others, I stumbled upon a random video by Christine Gambito. I think it was either a LonelyGirl15 parody or a myspace profile spoof, and from then on I was hooked. I love how she plays all of the characters in her family but never shows her father’s face– just a frame that only goes up to her mouth with a bag of pork rinds being worked on. Her mom character cracks me up and is the reason her site is called Happy Slip. Check her videos for that story.

Finally, I can’t forget my first taste of true web series addiction…


Marshie the Mallow from Homestarrunner.com

Made from the best stuff...

If you have never seen this cartoon, Go watch this, seriously. Sewiously! It’s even better if you were a kid growing up in the 80s, like me. Helping me soar through my formative college years with plenty of entertainment sans cable, the Chapman brothers are my web cartoon character creating heroes.

The five above aren’t the only ones I follow or have followed with gusto. They are likely just the first five. My favorite international web video podcast, Command N, is a Canadian weekly show featuring geek culture, news, and other stories. It gets an honorable mention, as well as EPIC FU (formerly Jetset). I’ve been following both for a few years now and enjoy them just as much as the five mentioned above.

I recently stumbled upon new ones from take180.com:
Hollywood Is Like H.S. With Money
My Date
First Day

Though I enjoyed watching all of those episodes the site has some pretty clear signals that tell me I’m not quite in their target demo, but that’s okay. I am still relatively young so I don’t mind. The company I work for has recently acquired this studio so… that’s kind of cool (and convenient for me to faux claim that I am watching it for research purposes, if pressed).

Do you have a web series that you think is must see web tv? Let me know. I still have about an hour and 15 minutes of free time in my day left to schedule. It is only January after all.

This is part 3 of a 5 part series. Come back again for part 4 and I’ll do the same.

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