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Running and swimming into the light (for a change)

“The shoelace ties, they come undone
The step after stepping in
Puddles wide, just tie them back up
And then you can run again…”
— Patient Child, an original song of mine

WorldWide WordPress 5k
One month ago I ran my first 10k. One week ago I ran a 5k along with a lot of other WP bloggers. This photo was taken at the end of my run.

WorldWide WordPress 5k

I attempted to take a photo of each street at each corner as I turned onto it. That didn’t work out well because I ran while trying to snap away with my phone camera. Most of the pictures are laughably out of focus or just not very interesting. Also, I zoned out a couple of times and didn’t even think about taking a street photo until I got pretty close to the next corner, or was otherwise too far to go back to the intended photo spot. Oops. I had some pretty high hopes of turning these photos into a coherent time-lapse slideshow. Seeing that I am not so good at multitasking while exercising, I’ll have to try that photo project another time.

I can normally cover this distance in about 30 minutes, give or take 3 minutes. I finished this in a leisurely 45 minutes, due to the photos I did manage to stop running to take. I had fun on my adventure. I took time to look around my neighborhood as I don’t normally go running at that time of day. It was interesting to see the route in that context for the first time.

Pool Swim
This weekend included my first pool day this year, swimming laps for about an hour. It wasn’t as tiring as I’d expected. I thought I’d be exhausted and for days I anticipated swallowing a bunch of water as soon as I jumped in, ruining my breathing capacity for the rest of the workout. It wasn’t like that at all. I even got to try using swim fins, which made me fly through the water. My ankles were pretty sore over the next couple of days, because I wasn’t used to lighting the pool lane on fire in my wake. <– Oh, how I kid.

LA locals can take a free SCAQ swim clinic or two to get pointers from swim experts on how to best reduce time and energy expended while swimming any given distance. Did I mention they have swim fins? Check out some Yelp reviews and try it.

Back in the saddle!

Halfway there!

San Gabriel River Trail - 2.5 hour ride: halfway there!

I was out the door in the 7 o’clock hour on Saturday morning for a long SGRT ride in Duarte, CA, with an intermediate group of riders. I’m an advanced beginner rider with moderate endurance, moderate speed, moderate comfort level riding w/ feet clipped in while using one hand (usually my left) to fiddle w/ the bike computer display, or to grab my bottle and drink whenever I need to. I still prefer to stop riding to drink, and I’m not quite comfortable riding hands-free for more than a split second or actively eating while riding my bike.

I was definitely challenged. With six other tri teammates I rode about 35 miles total. There were a few others there who rode separately and at their own pace. As usual I couldn’t keep up very well, but I did my best to keep the person in front of me in sight so I wouldn’t get lost. My average speed was 15-17 miles per hour reaching up to 22mph on the flats (there were hills). In the last few miles on the way back my bike computer showed I was pushing a whopping 8 mph at times. I was pooped.

The group’s average speed was closer to 20mph. Reassuringly, members of our group either stopped and waited at the parts of the path where I could potentially go the wrong way or hung back and rode with me for a while. Since I had not touched my bike in two months before this weekend, my “sit” bones were so sore! Don’t think I’ll ever not have that soreness after a long ride, but that’s also good thing because I don’t actually want calluses developing there!

I carried lots of nutrition this time, as I learned my lesson from my last ride. I had two pieces of toast before the ride, and then a Luna Bar, a Clif Bar (both white chocolate chip and macadamia nut) and a bottle of water during the ride. I can go 35 miles comfortably on one bottle of water, but that’s just me. I feel like other people drink more water than I do. It would be a good idea in the near future for me to get another water bottle cage installed on my bike in case I ride a longer distance again. I definitely plan to.

I recently found out about a 30 day outdoor biking challenge called 30 days of biking. Though I’m a sucker for most 30 day challenges, alas I must admire the participants’ efforts from afar while I focus on other things this month. Instead of biking every day for 30 days, I will put my own spin on that and make an effort to bike at least once every 30 days through the end of the year. Sounds like a tame goal compared to the linked challenge, but this is an attainable one for me. Not to make excuses, but I’ve got two other sports to brush up on to conquer my biggest challenges yet: A half-marathon and an Olympic distance triathlon (0.9 mi swim, 24 mile ride, 10k run). After that, my sports season will be complete and anything else will be gravy icing a refreshing fruit smoothie.

Okay, enough about biking. Tomorrow I plan to run my WP 5K! If you’ve read this far, thanks for reading my biking babbles. I do appreciate comments and questions, and I actually *squee* out loud when I notice new subscribers to my blog. I hope that you find something that keeps you moving this month!

Getting back on the wagon

Confession time: Though I have been running/walking at least a couple days each week I’ve somehow fallen off the triathlon wagon. I haven’t been in the ocean or even a pool once this year and I’ve ridden my bike once (though that one time was a 50 miler). If you’re thinking, “Why would you swim now? It’s freezing cold and there’s still snow on the ground!” then you’re probably not anywhere near Southern California. In LA yesterday it was quite hot with high temperatures in the 90s. To change all this, over the next two weeks or so I’ll be doing a moderate distance bike ride, participating in the WordPress 5K, and taking on my first Masters SCAQ swim workshop.

The swim workout is the same day as the official 5k run, April 10, so I will likely do my 5k run between April 4-9… although I probably could run on April 10 too if I really wanted to. That is how we triathletes roll!

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